Thoughts on a “balanced life”

A “balanced life”. I keep hearing this term everywhere – at work, in books, from friends, in social media; it seems like it’s something we’ve become obsessed with: “you need to have a balanced life”. I think this is closely related the expression of “work-life balance” I guess. But what exactly is a “balanced life”? How do we measure balance? And more importantly, can we really have balance in life?

Social Life Post-Baby

A question I frequently had while Grace was pregnant was what’s going to happen to our social life when Lucas is born? Obviously if you know us, you’d know that we weren’t necessarily social butterflies or crazy partiers, but we did enjoy going out to eat with family and friends, going to breweries, coffee shops, etc.., but we do enjoy going out to eat, getting coffee, getting a drink, and traveling…. Click on the link to continue reading.


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