WOW!!! I don’t even know how long it’s been since I last wrote something and published it. My plan when I started this blog was to constantly write what I was going through as I learned how to be a dad, but it seems I have failed to do so constantly! It turns out that working full time, getting a master’s degree part time, being a dad, husband, and finding time for other things makes it really difficult to keep track of everything I’d want to do! BUT my intention is to start this back up and start writing about what I’m going through.

SOOOOOOOOO….Lucas is now a year and a half!! I swear it feels like I was just writing about how surreal it was to think I’d be a dad soon…and now I can’t imagine not being a dad, or not having Lucas around the house. Crazy! It’s been a crazy ride, but also so much fun! Let’s see, since 2020 started, we’ve gone (and are still going) through a pandemic, decided to move to a different state (crazy people us), and sold our house and bought a new house. Yes, we’ve been busy…

Lucas continues to go to daycare; of course he’s now in a new day care in our new state. One of the new challenges Grace and I are facing is how to deal with temper tantrums and how to discipline Lucas…man these are not easy things! Starting with the tantrums. Wow oh wow, they will just happen randomly and for no reason whatsoever. He’ll throw himself on the ground and scream and scream and scream. They’ll also start when I say the word “no” to something he wants and shouldn’t have, and he’ll just lose his mind because I won’t give him whatever he wants. At first, it was so annoying and my patience was thin. Now, I don’t mind it as much; I just let him cry it out until he’s ready to “talk”. If that doesn’t work, he might go on time-out until he’s ready to stop and typically says “ya” which can mean “ok done” in Spanish. Anyway, I certainly have my good days and bad days, but day care is a life saver for us in giving us “breaks”, even though I typically can’t wait to go pick him up in the afternoons after work. If anyone has any tips on how to handle temper tantrums, I’d love to know what they are!

Lastly, I hope to start creating more content and hopefully bring some value to other parents, even if it’s just an “I understand what you’re going through!” kind of thing. Take care!

Lucas on the front porch of our new house.

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