Today is mother’s day. And I had hoped that by this time, I would’ve already written a beautiful and eloquent post about my wife, Grace. Unfortunately, it seems that work and school got in the way, so I’m writing this morning while Grace is already at church serving, because she is a super woman and can do it all! I expect this will turn out to be a short post, but I hope I’m able to thank moms, and especially Grace, on this beautiful day.

To Grace: Since becoming parents, I have seen time and time again the love and patience you have for Lucas. There is nothing better for me to see than the bond you and Lucas have because I know how much you love him and I can see how much he loves you already. It truly is incredible to watch you juggle everything in your life. From commuting, working, volunteering at church, being the greatest mother to Lucas, and being the best wife to me, I can’t believe how you still have the energy to do everything so well. I get exhausted just thinking about it all! Lucas changed our lives drastically, and you absolutely killed the transition to “mom”. In times when I’ve felt lost and helpless when taking care of Lucas, I have turned to you and you seem to know exactly what to do…I still have a hard time understanding what kind of cry means what, but you’re fluent at speaking “Lucas”. You are a super mom and I know that Lucas will grow up to be a great man largely due to you. Thank you for being the rock that Lucas and I hold on to, and for being the best mom and wife in the world. I love you!

Thank you to all the moms out there who do incredible things without ever asking for anything in return. Thank you to my mom and Grace’s mom for showing us what it’s like to love and for being incredible moms that continue to amaze us both.

Make sure you let moms know how much they’re appreciated and loved, not just today, but as often as you can!

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