A question I frequently had while Grace was pregnant was what’s going to happen to our social life when Lucas is born? Obviously if you know us, you’d know that we weren’t necessarily social butterflies or crazy partiers, but we did enjoy going out to eat with family and friends, going to breweries, coffee shops, etc.. I heard stories of people who had kids and suddenly stopped going out, hanging out with friends, and would just hole up at home. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that if that’s what you’d really like to do, but Grace and I enjoy going out to eat, getting coffee, getting a drink, and traveling (and we’ve always had a bed time even before Lucas arrived, so no change there haha). We talked about it and decided that just because we were having a baby it didn’t mean that we’d stop doing things we enjoyed, although we did understand we’d have to adjust our schedules a bit (by a bit, I mean a lot!) and make sure we were being flexible to accommodate Lucas’ feedings, bed time, and any other needs.

It’s been 2 months since Lucas was born…holy cow that went fast!! And wow have I been busy with going back to work, going to school for my master’s at night, and trying to balance time with Grace, Lucas, friends, and some “alone time” (more on this in a later post though!). Unfortunately for Lucas (and us!) he was born in the middle of flu season and during some of the coldest days we’ve had this year with plenty of snow too, so we were pretty much stuck at home a lot! That may sound bad, especially after the first part of this post, but it was an incredible time (mostly) at home getting to know Lucas and learning more and more about parenting. That being said, we’ve been pretty active (or at least I think so). First, we’re lucky and very blessed that we live so close to our parents, and they’ve been so amazing and supportive! From relieving us for a couple of hours to go out to Olive Garden and get some food, to babysitting Lucas for 5+ hours to allow us to go to our Monte Carlo night for my MBA program, we are so thankful for the support! But we’ve also brought Lucas along to other things. We ventured to DC for our friends’ going away party, we went to Diamondback Brewery in Baltimore for happy hour with other friends, and we’ve started venturing into restaurants as well.

Snow, snow, and more snow
Getting fancy for Monte Carlo night!

That being said, things are very different. We can no longer just put our shoes on and leave the house anymore. Our “get ready” routine has gotten very complicated as we get Lucas dressed up (and he decides to throw up all over his clothes), getting his bag ready (did we pack everything we’d need?!?), and making sure we look just “ok” to be leaving the house. Then there’s the issue of timing. Will we leave as soon as he’s done eating? But that means we have to wait around 10-20 minutes so that he doesn’t spit it all back up. Will the “trip” be completed within his feeding schedule or do we need to figure out where/when to feed him while being out? Will he nap while we’re out or will he be cranky and fussy the entire time? The questions just never stop. I still feel a bit anxious when we go somewhere and sometimes afraid that he’ll be crying too much, or that he’ll be hungry when we literally can’t feed him quite yet (yes it was fun listening to Lucas scream while we were trying to get around DC traffic!).

Ok, it’s not THAT stressful, but still a lot more to think about now than before. Even so, we are still sticking to our plan of making sure Lucas is comfortable being out of the house and around other people, so we’ll continue going places, even if we arrive late and leave early. Luckily the weather is finally starting to warm up and we can start doing more. Until next time (and it hopefully won’t take me another 6 weeks to post!).

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