Grace and I purchased our new town-home just over a year ago at this point knowing that we wanted to grow our family in the next few years. Crazy how time flies! We were blessed with how quickly we were able to get pregnant, as we have plenty of friends who have taken much longer for different reasons. So with the news of a little one on the way, we have started converting our second bedroom into the nursery! Here’s the progress we’ve made so far!

  1. First things first. Ceiling fan! We finally installed a ceiling fan in the room! We had put it off for over a year just because we didn’t have a reason to be in that room much. But, I have to say it’s already helped tremendously (3rd floor gets hot in the summer…so air circulation is much needed!) – First couple pictures are not the best…but hey it works!
  2. We also painted! We didn’t just paint the nursery though…with a new build, the builder comes back after one year to fix nail pops and drywall cracks, so we didn’t want to paint before that was taken care of….but we finally painted!
  3. After four baby showers (thank you to all friends and family – we love you!) and a lot of gifts, Grace and I purchased the rest of the registry items using the “completion” discounts PLUS Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts (talk about that 35% discount though!) Click here to learn about what registries we chose to go with. Fun fact, the crib should grow with the baby, turning into a bed for his later years (yay!). Enough writing though…here is the result!

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