For this post, I’d like to just veer off for a moment and simply talk about my wife, Grace, and how amazing she is as she’s gone through this journey (this is also a post for every woman out there that has gone through pregnancy…I’m in awe of what you can do).

Grace and me looking for Pumpkins!

I’ll start this with a little background on Grace. Grace is a veterinarian who works in a pet hospital located approximately an hour away from where we live (both our commutes suck). In the past 7 months (since she’s been pregnant), I have seen the changes she’s gone through, not only physical but mental as well, and I have to say “WOW…YOU ARE A CHAMP!”. I can’t imagine what it’d be like to have a tiny human growing inside, sucking all my nutrients, draining my energy, and making me uncomfortable at all times. Don’t get me wrong, I think the experience would be amazing and I’d be extremely happy, but at the same time I would probably complain all day every day (“man cold” anyone?). Grace works 4 days a week, and what are supposed to be 10-hour days at the hospital…but of course, she’s usually at work for close to 11 hours each day with sometimes no time for a lunch break as she goes from appointment to appointment. She’s also on her feet A LOT, going from room to room, or on her surgery days standing the entire time as she performs the surgeries. Compared to what I do? I sit at a desk all day long (I have a stand-up desk though for those times I’m feeling adventurous!) and look at numbers all day….oh so exhausting! And yet I still find time to complain…yeah…and I’m not pregnant…

Then Grace gets home…and oh no she doesn’t stop! Now, before people get mad at me, we both do a lot around the house. I typically cook dinner (frozen meals anyone?), and Grace doesn’t trust me with the laundry. I’ve tried to do more around the house now that Grace is pregnant, but I still fall short a lot (I’m sorry!!) and sometimes I still complain about doing things after a “long day” at work.

Grace, I guess this post is my way of saying thank you for all you do, and that I admire you, your strength, and your passion for everything you do. You amaze me every day, and honestly, blow my mind when I see what you do and continue doing both at work and at home. I love you and the way you care for our family, and our future child. Thank you for your love and dedication.

Gentlemen, always be sweet to your ladies, but especially when they’re pregnant. Support them and thank them often for what they do! It truly is incredible what women do every day. Tell your lady you love her and appreciate what she does. To all the ladies out there, you are all CHAMPS!


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