Baby Registries! To me it feels like wedding registries are easier than baby registries. Are there less options for wedding registries than there are for baby registries? (maybe I’m wrong but it felt a lot easier when we went through the process of a wedding registry). If you’re like me, and you are already married, then you might remember going to the store with one of those bar-code scanners and scanning almost everything in your path. It was so much fun! For baby registries, however, it’s hard to just go to a store, especially now that Babies ‘R’ Us is no longer an option, because there aren’t many other baby-specific stores out there. I decided to look into the different registries available and try to determine the pros and cons of the two registries we decided on: Target and Amazon. Grace and I are still trying to figure all this out, so hopefully this can help you also!

    1. Target:
      Who doesn’t love Target? Grace could literally go to Target once a day (at least!) and walk out with something. Their in-store baby section, however, is a little small. They, of course, have all the essentials in-store – strollers, clothing, diapers, kitchen gadgets, even some furniture. We thought it was good enough to get an idea for what we might need to add to our registry and start preparing for. The real benefit of a Target registry is the website. It was also incredible easy to set up the baby registry, and you can add other people to serve as administrators. Once you get set-up there are different “categories” that you can explore to find items you may need for your registry. Much like their wedding registries, Target offers a 15% discount at the end of your baby shower for you to buy the items that were not purchased. If you have a RedCard, then the discount you receive to “complete” your registry becomes even higher.
    2. Amazon:
      I will admit it…I’m obsessed with Amazon. If I could buy everything I needed from Amazon, I would. There are times when I receive a package daily just because I enjoy looking for things…daily. ANYWAY!!!! I think this might be the most convenient for multiple reasons. First of all, you’ll have access to multiple brands that stores such as Target do not carry, meaning you can find almost anything (unless it’s an exclusive brand) and add it to your registry. Second, and it pretty much piggy backs off of the first, the selection is HUGE. You won’t be limited to 3 pages worth of “outfits”, and in some cases you may even feel overwhelmed by the amount of options…so do your research and understand what it is that you want to add to your registry. I’ve also been able to find cheaper prices through Amazon, and have sometimes moved big tech items from my Target registry to my Amazon registry ($50 cheaper for a baby monitor!!). Another pretty nice feature about Amazon? They sent us a “Congratulations” box filled with samples of baby bottles, diapers, wipes, even clothing! Not to mention additional coupons to use. One downside to the Amazon registry, however, is how quickly things (especially clothing) can go out of stock. We’ve come across various pieces of clothing that are no longer available…here’s to hoping they come back soon! Shop Amazon – Create an Amazon Baby Registry

Now, although we only chose to register with Target and Amazon, I am aware that there are plenty of other great options. buybuyBaby, Pottery Barn Kids, etc., are all great options, but to be honest, they just weren’t exactly what we were looking for, and felt that Target and Amazon really captured all our needs. As I mentioned earlier, I felt overwhelmed by the amount of options (heck I still do), but narrowing down our options to just two has truly helped us become more organized and excited about our registries. Hope this helps you find or narrow down your search for a baby registry…and remember that it’s supposed to be fun! Enjoy picking out your future little one’s clothes, furniture, toys!


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