I’m not really sure how my wife, Grace, and I decided we were ready to start trying. Was it after all the trips to Target and passing through the baby section? “Look at the cute little socks!” Or was it something else? I really don’t know. It wasn’t too long after that “talk” that Grace surprised me with the news! Now, I’ve seen videos of people’s reactions when they find out. Some jump, run, scream, laugh, cry…you name it! My reaction?…shock. Of course I was happy though! (and still am!) I can’t wait to meet the little baby that comes in 6 months! But still, I was a little cautious at first. After celebrating and talking for hours about names, little baby clothes, diapers, strollers, and what’s to come in the next months, my mind started thinking of other things…..

WOW! I’m going to be a dad….there it is! Finally hit me a little. I started thinking about my own dad. Was he “ready” when he had me? Did he freak out a little too? Who knows? I should probably ask him about it. Then I started thinking about everything else I had read regarding babies, and the following list started forming in my head:

  • Money! Babies are expensive…at least that’s what I keep hearing about. Do I need to start saving more? College funds?
  • Time….and I think this one is a little selfish on my part. My initial thoughts? “Uh oh, now my time will no longer be mine. I will responsible for another little human.” Although I am extremely excited, I am also nervous about what’s coming…since I don’t actually know what’s coming.
  • Parenting books – too many to read! Do they all say the same thing? Are they actually helpful? Should I start reading as many as I can now? Or are they just a waste of money and we’ll just end up learning as we go?
  • Baby gadgets – if you know me, you know I like to buy every cool gadget out there that could potentially help me….from my initial research the “baby gadget” world is huge! How am I supposed to choose? What do these things actually do? Are they helpful or just silly?
  • Did I mention MONEY?! Babies really are expensive!
  • What stroller should I buy? Travel system? Should I go with a classic brand? Or should I go hipster?
  • How many diapers should I get? What kind?
  • Registries…what do we need to include in them?
  • Etc…..

Okay, my initial freak-out is now over. All that’s left to do for me is to create a list and start tackling each of my worries/questions one at a time. I will write different posts that relate to the list above and how Grace and I are tackling these questions, and what we learn from the experience. Hopefully this helps you too…even if it’s just what not to do at our expense 🙂

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